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Sway Bar Stiffness Chart

This really illustrates the fact that swaybars gain stiffness to the 4th power as diameter increases. Sway bar stiffness polar moment of inertia in a shaft is proportional to the diameter to the 4th power.

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Either number is close enough for government work.

Sway bar stiffness chart. Automakers use hollow bars because they are lighter. See Freds book for more information on how the front and rear sway bar rates affect the handling. Too large front bar vs rear sway bar.

Use 0 if solid bar Length of arm in lbs if rate is not updated. The vehicle does not know the different from side-to-side when it comes to bar stiffness so in effect you have a middle position. Or you can use 20.

Values are calculated at 5 degrees of twist on an Intercomp sway bar tester. Shop By Brand. This permits the roll stiffness to be tuned for different situations without replacing the entire bar.

The car is placed on scales on a setup pad with the driver or equivalent ballast installed. Skid pad lateral g. Since the elasticity of a sway bar is a result of cross sectional area stiffness areayoungs moduluslength the overall diameter doesnt matter so much.

Sway Bar Stiffness Increase Chart Sway-A-Way 2015-18 Subaru WRX 254 MM Front Sway Bar Compared to Stock 24MM. OAKOS Exclusive Wheels. This guide shows you Fox Body SN-95 New Edge S197 and S550 sway bar sizes for an all in one.

Sway-A-Way uses in-house 3D scanning equipment and a CNC bender to precisely match the factory sway bar profile. Too small front tires or narrow rim width. 1-34 48-Spline NASCAR Sway Bars and Arms These heavy duty Torque Tough bars are made of special high-grade spring steel.

Handling Chart – What If Scenarios. Front Roll Couple Wheel rates for springs and sway bars. In other words if you make a bar x2 thicker it will be x16 harder to twist.

For example the Original bar has a diameter of 20mm You would like the new bar to be approximately 50 stiffer. The stiffer the bar the more force required to move the left and right wheels relative to each other. The numbers show the relative stiffness in relation to diameter and lengthWhen used with specific suspension geometery wheel rates can be calculated from these numbers.

The torsional rigidity or stiffness of the bar and its ability to limit body roll is a function of its diameter the stiffness of the material used and whether its solid or hollow the length of the lever arms that connect the bar to the suspension the geometry of the bar as determined by its mounting points and the rigidity of the bars mounting points and probably a. Too stiff front springs. Sway bar pushrod rocker scale pivot dummy shock no shock or shock wo spring Whilst it would in theory be possible to calculate the torsional stiffness of the sway bar for each position of the adjuster it is much easier to measure it.

Compare the 1 solid directly to the 1 hollow bar. See below for a reference chart as a guide. Click update button below Home.

The solid sway bar is 15 stiffer than an identical size hollow bar. CNC Bent to Factory Profile. Assuming everything else is identical you can accurately estimate how much stiffer the available bars will be.

Active spring rate for dual springs. Sighting across you would be about 46 stiffer with a 22mm bar. This gives you more stiffness without offsetting the stock size difference between the front and rear bars.

Whiteline adjustable sway bars allow their stiffness to be altered by increasing or reducing the length of the lever arms. The diameter of the sway bar is listed on the left side of the chart. The sway bar takes advantage of this principal by transferring weight from corner to corner thereby increasing total lateral grip at one end while decreasing total lateral grip at the other end.

The only way to know for sure is to measure the stiffness of the bar s in question. For increased fine tuning you can set one side to soft and the other side to stiff. The chart displays the results of comparing a 1 solid bar to a 1 hollow bar with a 025 wall thickness.

This Eibach kit upgrades your Miatas rear and front sway bars by 4mm and 5mm respectively. Or check stiffness of a new bar size against the original. A simple answer is.

For the most part solid tube sway bars are stiffer than larger sway bars made of hollow tube. The down side of the larger sway bars is a noticeable harshness on uneven roads. The bar diameters go up in small incre-ments because the stiffness is proportional to radius raised to the 4th power.

37-12 X 1-14 49 Spline Solid Sway Bars 8 8 12 9. By adjusting stiffness of the sway bar you can adjust the relationship between front and rear lateral grip thereby adjusting oversteerundersteer. The first generation Miatas manufactured between 1994 and 1997 came with 11mm rear and 19mm front sway bars.

This chart gives you the stock Mustang sway bar sizes to assist you in buying the correct replacement bushings or deciding on an upgraded bar. While the picture shows a racing bar I think the formula under estimates stiffness since typically the arms are not of the same material and typically stiffer. Sway bar rates from sway bar dimensions.

Spring and sway bar motion ratios. Example – Upgrading from a 16mm factory sway bar to a 20mm Whiteline sway bar equates to a 144 increase in torsion rigidity Refer highlight in chart Choose original bar diameter from left column then follow across to the right to advertised Whiteline bar size. Sway Bar Rate calculator copyright 2010 Length of bar in Bar out sidediameter in Bar inside diameter in Note.

Part of our Torque Tough family our premium NASCAR Sway Bars offer the same consistent spring rate. Aftermarket sway bars are typically sold as either solid or hollow tubes. A slight increase in di-ameter results in a large increase in stiffness.

Front rear and total roll stiffness with and without bump stops. The sway bar arm lengths are listed across the top centerline of the sway bar to centerline of the arm link. Low front tire pressure.

Sway bar diamter conversion chart shows percentage increase in stiffness of different diameter sway bars. RRRR of the radius of the bar. Heavy front weight bias.

Sway-A-Way VW and Porsche Torsion bar rate tables are used to compare spring rates when changing length diameter or both. Or check stiffness of a new bar size against the original. Sway Bar Hole 1 Hole 2.

In the top chart for rear sways – how is the area vs stock of the stock sway bar not 100 2011 Nissan 370z Black Cherry Sport Pkg – Daily Driver 1960 Morgan 4 fun car 1986 BMW 325ES 1998 M3 and 1996 Spec Miata – Race Cars. By removing a ½ hole from the center of the bar the stiffness of the bar is reduced by ONLY 65. Anything less than 10 change cannot be felt by most of the drivers out.

Some of the most common questions asked when it comes to Stang suspension are the Mustang sway bar sizes. You can fine tune the handling of your car with other parameters as well. From some inspection of Schroeder sway bar charts this seems to be the case.

The numbers in the table are in in-lbs per degree of twist.

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