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Section 47 Investigation Flowchart

You need to understand the reason for the investigation and ask questions. Childrens social care should explain the purpose and outcome of s47 enquiries to the parents and.

Flowcharts Of Key Processes

Contact cannot be made with the parentcarer.

Section 47 investigation flowchart. A Section 47 Enquiry is carried out by undertaking or continuing with an Assessment in accordance with the guidance set out in this chapter and following the principles and parameters of a good assessment as set out in the Assessments Procedure. The enquiry will involve an assessment of the childs needs and the ability of those caring for the child to meet them. Section 47 Investigation Flowchart.

Where a baby has been harmed has died or has been abandoned then a Section 47 investigation must be completed in collaboration with the Police. Lead the criminal investigation local authority childrens social care have the lead for the section 47 enquires and assessment of the childs welfare where joint enquiries take place. The child is the subject of an Emergency Protection.

The words electronic record By CCAS May 15 2020. There will need to be a particular emphasis on the issues of concern and the analysis of risk. By CCAS May 15 2020.

These enquiries refer to section 47 of the Children Act 1989. Section 47 enquiry is required because it isjudged there suspected actual harm or likely harm to the child. You may also like.

Initiating section 47 enquiries. Section 47 of the Act covers a Local Authoritys or Social Services duty to carry out an investigation or assessment when they are informed that a child who lives in their area meets one or more of the following criteria. No further LA childrens.

Only valid for 48hrs. The outcome will be either that the concerns are substantiated and then further action will need to be taken or unsubstantiated. Action following a strategy discussion.

Make or cause to be made enquiries when the circumstances defined in Section 47 Children Act 1989 exist. And section 47 enquiries initiated See flow chart 2 See flow chart 4 Immediate strategy discussion makes decisions about. Section 157 procedure for investigation section 158 report how submitted section 159 power to hold investigation or preliminary inquiry section 160 police officers power to require attendance of witnesses section 161 examination of witnesses by police section 162 statements to police not to be signed.

In Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 it is a requirement that the Local Safeguarding Children Partnership have in place a protocol which provides a detailed framework for agencies to work together to safeguard children. In planning Section 47 Enquiries and investigations social workers and police officers must consider the need for a medical examination in all children for whom concerns exist including whether there are any other children in the household or extended family who may also require a paediatric assessment. Childrens Social Care is the lead agency for Section 47 Enquiries and has the duty to.

Section 47 investigations. Safeguard and promote the. An assessment is carried out and it may be decided that Child Protection Conference is required which should then be held within 15 working days.

Lead the criminal investigation local authority childrens social care have the lead for the section 47 enquires and assessment of the childs welfare where joint enquiries take place. By CCAS April 16 2021. Flow chart of Cyber Investigation.

The aim is to decide. Action taken for an assessment of a child under the Children Act 1989. By CCAS March 28 2020.

The time scales are as follows from when childrens social services receive a referral or identify a concern of risk of significant harm to a child. For further information see Child Protection Enquiries – Section 47. What happens after the strategy discussion.

Seeking permission is likely to impede a criminal investigation. Section 47 enquiries should always be carried out in such a way as to minimise distress to the child and to ensure that families are treated sensitively and with respect. A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children 189 Flow chart 4.

Cyber investigation flow chart. Gloucestershires Protocol for Joint Investigations under S47 of the Children Act 1989 Introduction and Context. A Section 47 enquiry means that CSC must carry out an investigation when they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child who lives or is found in their area is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm1.

Outcome of Assessment The Assessment may confirm child protection concerns in which case a Child Protection. And information giving especially to parents. Importance of user IDs in social media investigations.

Immediate safeguarding action. Action following a strategy discussion.

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Flow Chart 4 What Happens After The Strategy Discussion

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