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Meteorite Identification Flowchart

CategoryFlowcharts – explain xkcd. Please help us help you determine if you might have a meteorite by answering the questions below before contacting us about your rock.

How Do You Know If It S A Meteorite Or Meteorwrong

This close-up image of the main mass of the Bruno iron meteorite found near Bruno.

Meteorite identification flowchart. Iron meteorite with fusion crust regmaglypts and microscopic flow lines. Identification of meteorites can also be ascertained by cutting off a corner or side of the rock to expose a fresh surface. Never use the Math markup language at the transcript.

We get a lot of questions regarding meteorites. The Natural History Museum at Tring. -Does it have flow lines these are lines from wind friction- if it does thats a great sign -Does it have stress fractures these are cracks in the surface and are due to expansion of frozen water inside -Do a scratch test on a tile after you clean it up- if it leaves a brown red or black mark then its not a meteorite.

I Think I Found a Meteorite. Extra Information Is it magnetic. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

If it is referenced in an xkcd web. Answer 1 of 6. My favorite part is how Did someone see it fall.

Although deliberately simple we suspect that most experienced meteorite hunters would have little criticism with the logic. Use Lucidchart to visualize ideas make charts diagrams more Flowcharts are often used to give the inexperienced a step-by-step process to follow see a guide to flowcharts here. This is a small Chelyabinsk meteorite that.

The Path to Identification Have you ever wondered if your interesting rock is a meteorite. Indentations called thumb prints are also common. We need explanations for comics characters themes and everything in between.

The melted material swept away from the front surface can pile up and cool on the back side often leaving a raised lip and bubbles on the back of the meteorite. Regmaglypts are indentations that look like thumbs pressed into clay. Click for an actual flowchart for identifying a meteorite.

42 Awesome Mineral Identification Flow Chart Flowchart. Silver lustre is a gentle sheen or reflective surface. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 25 License.

Public outreach. Center facts. Iron meteorite with flow lines.

Consequently to date it. Sometimes the surface will display tiny flow lines showing where melted material flowed off the surface upon atmospheric entry. The reason for this you can read at the Editor FAQ.

All incomplete explanations are here. Hoba meteorite found in 1920 in Grootfontein Namibia is the largest meteorite found on the earth. 1 Magnetic Attraction 2 Heavier Density 3 Metal 4 Fusion Crust 5 Silver Luster or Red Spots 6 Saw It Fall.

Thumb prints in solid iron meteorites will often consist of deeper rounded holes — plum-sized or larger. Compare now to see why Lucidchart is a better diagramming solution. I often get asked Is this a meteorite.

Believed to have landed 80000 years ago this is the largest piece of iron occurring naturally on earth. Feel free to sign up for an account and contribute to the wiki. Posted by 4 years ago.

Weighing about 60000kg and covers an area of about 65 square meters the weight of this iron meteorite has made it impossible to be moved. Here are some clues to help distinguish real meteorites from terrestrial rocks and manmade materials. Official classification of meteorite type and name requires analysis by a meteorite laboratory.

This means youre free to copy and share these comics but not to sell them. Improved meteorite identification flowchart. Meteorite identification however is very difficult so the brevity of this flowchart in a way pokes fun at the need for a flowchart to identify meteorites since laypeople are not experienced enough to confirm that a rock is indeed a meteorite After talking with other experts and looking at the data from amateur meteorite enquirites at our local museum etc I have put.

Posted on January 28 2013 by Center for Meteorite Studies. Consult our Meteorite Flowchart to better determine if youve found a real meteorite. You can read a brief introduction about this wiki at explain xkcd.

Improved meteorite identification flowchart. Check out this helpful. We will update our website should this become available again in the future.

They really do look like they were made by someone pushing their thumbs into soft clay. 2The Density Test -First. Clean meteorites do not streak on a tile.

Who is the best person in the field of meteorite identification I can contact to identify a meteorite Well I have been collecting meteorites for 25 – 30 years I can identify 95 of meteorites just by sight. This thread is archived. Mineral identification flow chart.

Original Poster 4 years ago. Rocks Minerals BC 2017 Page 10 Science Olympiad Student Center. We still need to complete some explanations like this one.

Iron meteorite exhibiting a darker. Here is an adaptation of wonderful flowchart devised by Debora Rios and colleagues at the NacionalUFRJ in Brazil. We are not currently offering a meteorite identification service.

Grab any strong fridge magnet. If there is no nickel its not an iron meteorite. Meteorite identification flowchart Lucidchart Official Site – Diagrams Made Eas.

Meteorites vary in size from a few millimetres across to several feet in diameter. Useful links and websites. These meteorites which are referred to as being oriented in shape can have fantastic radiating thumbprints that flow out from the center of the incoming face.

– Yes points to NOT A METEORITE. Mineral identification flow chart. 20th Dec 2012 1156 UTC Jolyon Ralph Founder.

Identification of a genuine meteorite takes a practiced eye but there are a number of simple tests that can help hopeful rock hounds determine if they have stumbled across a rare space rock or just a common earthbound stone. After talking with other experts and looking at the data from amateur meteorite enquirites at our local museum etc I have put together a flowchart I think you may find useful in trying to determine whether you have found a meteorite or not. If small metal flakes can be seen or the inside is completely shiny and metallic then it is a meteorite.

Identity Help Meteorite identification flowchart. The other 5 would require lab tests I am just one of a few do.

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