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Jquery Bar Chart Example In Asp Net

Chartjs is a JavaScript charting tool for web developers. Var ctx myBarChartget0getContext2d.

Asp Net Mvc Charts Graphs With Animation Charts And Graphs Graphing Chart

Example of using JPlot Bar Chart in C ASPNET VBNET.

Jquery bar chart example in asp net. Chartwidth height template templatePath Initializes a chart. For example this one which is also responsive as you will see in the demo. Here in my example I will draw the Water Mark TextBox text at the center of the Bar Chart.

Add the following files to the Scripts folder. The difference is my chart is simpler than the example. Jqueryjqplotcss relstylesheet typetextcss.

I dont have categories for each user as in the fruit example I only have a user and a number of hours logged. In the Styles folder add the jqxbasecss and jqxclassiccss CSS files. Var customerId customersIdval.

Function getHighChart var actionUrl. Heres the query to get distinct month names from a DateTime datatype. This sample demonstrates the Bar chart type.

Here as data is our variable which stores JSON formatted data. Here we write code which make our canvas html5 tag into a bar chart. In order to make it easier to differentiate we call Horizontal ones as Bar Charts and Vertical ones as Column Charts.

Here is an example for adding Interactive Bar Charts into your ASPNET MVC Application using CanvasJS. Jqueryjqplotmincss relstylesheet typetextcss. The Bar Chart will be populated with database data with the help of jQuery AJAX and WebMethod in ASPNet using C and VBNet.

. ASPNET MVC Bar Chart Sample using CanvasJS. The Chart Class As I have said earlier the Chart class is available in SystemWebDataVisualization namespace provides the functionality for the Chart control.

Bar charts use rectangular bars to compare value between different categoriesseries. In this article Chartjs CDN v260 is used for demonstration purposes. How to create a Jquery responsive bar chart using the results of a JSon action method in MVC.

Add the sample-datatxt file to the App_Data folder. ASPNet AJAX jQuery Charts Google. Select distinct DateName month DateAdd month DATEPART MONTH orders_date -1 as month_name from mobile_sales where DATEPART YEAR orders_date year order by.

Heres the HighCharts jQuery code. The latest version can be downloaded from GitHub or can use CDN. ChartAddSeriesname chartType chartArea axisLabel legend markerStep xValue xField yValues yFields.

Var myBarChart new Chart ctxBar data. Jqxchartjs jqxcorejs jqxdatajs and jquery-1111minjs. Given example shows simple Bar Chart along with HTML jQuery source code that you can edit in-browser or save to run it locally.

This article shows an example of Chart Control in ASPNET. ChartAddLegendtitle name Adds a legend to a chart. Bar Chart Water Mark Text In some cases we need to add our company name as a Water Mark to our Bar Chart.

In case of more than one series Data Points from different Series are placed next to one another and are differentiated by their. . The user can redesign and customize this depending on requirements Bar Chart Company LOGO The user can add their own company logo to the Bar Chart.

Below is the data that we will load into the jqxChart. For detailed implementation please take a look at the Aspx Razor and Controller code tabs. In fact you can create almost any type of chart using this control.

Basically the Chart Web Control makes use of the Chart class. Dim query As String StringFormat select shipcity count orderid from orders where shipcountry 0 group by shipcity ddlCountriesSelectedItemValue Dim dt As DataTable GetData query Dim x As String New StringdtRowsCount – 1 Dim y As Decimal New DecimaldtRowsCount – 1. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example how to create Bar Chart with database using Google Charts API in ASPNet using C and VBNet.

Like in Column Charts Bar Charts can also have one or more Data Series. Create a new ASPNET Web Application.

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