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How To Read D10 Chart In Vedic Astrology

Step6 are there any planet aspecting to your 1st house 10th house of D10 chart if yes then find the condition of those planet. The Ekadasamsha D11 11 sections is a special case.

D10 Chart Vedic Astrology Saptamsa Chart Astrology Rashi Letters Chart Rasi Chart Interpretation What Is Rashi Chart Birth Chart Or Astrology Birth Chart Chart

D 10 CHART IN VEDIC ASTROLOGY I DASHAMSHA CHART ANALYSIS I ABHAY KHANNAD 10 or Dashamsha is used to analyse the career of the native with great accuracyIN.

How to read d10 chart in vedic astrology. Vedic astrology builds 32 charts like D10 also called sub-divisional charts which is the one those 32 charts and the planet placements here are used solely to judge how they would behave for your career karma. D10 Chart reading provides insight into future problems. Karma does not mean the job you are doing.

Dasamsa or D10 chart is one of the important divisional chart. Venus alone in 8th House Lucky and excellent success in profession. Chart Ysis Test 2.

How do you read a Drekkana chart. Then look at the 10th house and note down all the above details about this house also. Enter your Date of Birth Your exact time of birth and place of birth to generate your dasamsa chart.

19D2 is another important divisional chart that helps decode your financial potential. Analysis after reading the D-10 chart. 16In the D-10 chart first it is important to look at the 1st and 10th house.

The table that follows includes all divisional charts assessed in Vedic astrology. Step7 find out saturn 10th place from saturn condition of D10 chart. D10 chart or Dashamsa Chart is a Divisional Chart Used Mainly to Judge career and Professional Life.

You can read more about the significance of D-2 chart here. 16How do you read a D10 chart. Career D10 chart in Vedic Astrology part 2 – YouTube.

Detailed d10 career report dashamsha chart d10 part 1 of 2 d20 charts for vedic scholars yse d10 chart in astrology zodiac chart ysis test 3. If the 10th lord of D10 chart is in 6th house 11th house or 1st house of D10 chart it is highly positive. 25Career in Astrology from D10 chart.

17D10 Kundli reading is essential because it tells you about your job chances and the amount of achievement you are expected to gain in life. D9 D10 and D1 charts are the most important charts as on date related to your materialistic gain professional and financial success. It gives rise to a lot of accomplishment in natives career.

29How to read dashamsha chart d 10 the 10th house represents the karma or profession. Next find the position of all the planets at the time of your birth. The chart shows the person karma or career or professional life.

7th Lord of D-1 D-10 in own house or exalted Very good progress in profession. 23Sun or Saturn in Upachaya 3610 and 11 Good job. Career D10 chart in Vedic Astrology part 2.

This is the second part of d 10 dasmsa chart analysis for other parts please click on. The D10 chart indicates all kinds of work or karma that you will perform in this life. Karakas for profession namely Sun Saturn and Mercury if any one of them in own house Good job.

Sun or Saturn in Upachaya 3610 and 11 Good job. If playback doesnt begin. When Every Sign is Divided in 10 Equal Part a New chart is Prepared from Main Birth Chart or Rashi chart Which is Known as Dasamsa Chart.

Dasamsa or D10 chart is the chart of career or profession in vedic astrology. Dasamsa means Dasam Amsa or 10 th division. Chart Ysis Test 1.

Other than D-1 D-2 D-9 and D-10 there are many other divisional charts analyzed for precise predictions. D10 Reading is very important to measure the real strength of your professional potential level of success you would achieve in life. Posted on December 14 2019 by Eva.

Sun in own house exalted good job and will become a good leader in politics. Deblitated Planets In Divisional Charts In Vedic Astrology How to predict career and profession using d 10 dashamsha chart analysis in astrology. 10th Lord of D-1 D-10 in own house exalted Very good job.

9th Lord in 9th House Success in profession. Lagna Lord in Own House exalted Good job. Using this Dasamsa Chart Calculator you can generate dasamsa charts in North Indian style East Indian style and South Indian styles based on Vedic Astrology.

It aids in evaluating your work status and market advancement. When a Rashi is divided by 10 parts and the divisional chart prepared is called the Dasamsa chart. Step 2 10th house lord or 10th house planet deity condition – 10th house of D10 chart is the most most most important topic in this article because when we magnify birth chart 10th house of career in higher divisional birth chart each sign is divided in 10 equal parts of 3 degrees each we get D10 dashamsha chart its the D10 chart 10th house of career which shows the details.

It is the 10th Part or 10th Division of Your Horoscope or Main Birth chart. It is the detailed analysis of tenth house. Step5 where is your 10th lord of D10 chart placed in which house find the condition.

It is a Tajika divisional chart meaning it came to Vedic astrology late in the game probably from the West and there are very different. Sun and moon in the 10th house of d10 chart are reasonable for an administration job any way of the managerial job medical career etc. Based on your Janamkundli you will determine the best career choice for you.

You need to see the sign rising in the 1st house where is the lord of that sign going the conjunctions and aspects on the 1st house. 24The Dasamsha D10 10 sections represents the themes around career and work. D10 chart is a divisional chart from the name you can understand that the Rashi is divided into 10 parts.

14How To Read D10 Chart In Vedic Astrology.

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