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Child Protection Referral Flowchart

39 Implementation of the Child Protection Plan Lead Social Worker and Core Group Responsibilities. Additionally because a flowchart is a visual aid to explain safeguarding procedures it can be displayed in a place where everyone can see it.

Child Protection Flowchart

Child protection Created Date.

Child protection referral flowchart. The template is part of the Child safeguarding. 310 Child Protection Review Conferences. 15 Further guidelines and useful numbers 16.

Child in need of referrer informed Staff have concerns about a child and take immediate action. Completed Childs Plan and agencies reports including social workers to be shared with the parentscarers and given to the chair of. 36 Initial Child Protection Conferences.

Child Protection Process Professional has concerns If a professional has a concern about a child or unborn baby then follow the General Procedures provided Consultation with Supervisor Professional discusses concerns with supervisor or Designated Safeguarding Lead to decide next steps Discussion with Parents Professional discusses concerns with parent carers of the. Social worker and receive advice about whether a referral is. Flowchart for the reporting and referral of safeguarding concerns Updated September 2020 via CPOMS all permanent staff or a yellow asked to monitor the child immediate protection.

For Childrens Social Care. Appendix 1-Making a referral flowchart Page 18 Appendix 2-Managing allegations against staff and volunteers Page 19 Appendix 3-Definitions of abuse -physical abuse -emotional abuse -sexual abuse -neglect Further specific risks -children and the court system children missing from education children with family members in prison child sexual exploitation child exploitation. A Guidance and Model Policy PDF for dealing with Peer on Peer abuse is available and will help schools comply with the national guidance in Keeping children safe in education and DfE Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children.

Referral flowchart UEFA 26 Mar 2020. DISCUSS WITH A COLLEAGUE. You may want to contact the local Early Help HubTeam to discuss concerns at Levels 2 and 3 and specifically concerns that sit just below the level requiring a referral to Childrens Services Level 4.

Solent Healthcare Community Safeguarding Nurses and Child Protection Medical Teams. What happens after the child protection conference including the review. Child Abuse and Neglect Intervention Flowchart Identification of signs and symptoms Step 1 Validation and support Step 2 Health Risk Assessment Step 3 Referrals Select all applicable options based on risk identified Step 5 Document Step 6 Safety Planning Step 4 Red pathway for statuary intervention Black pathway for non-statutory intervention Blue.

023 8023 3344 Out of hours. It should be adapted by clubsorganisations to reflect the national context and discussions with local child protection services. An assessment is carried out and it mayassessment of need and are be decided that Child Proetcotinappropriate when the child is.

Where this is considered to be a child protection referral the referrer should follow this up in writing and Childrens Services should respond as set out in Action on receipt of Referrals Procedure. These flowcharts are useful to show the pathway to handle cases of concern. February 2020 n t Section 47 Child in need of protection A Section 47 enquiry is required because it si judged there si suspected actual harm or likely significant harm to the child.

Action taken for an assessment of a child under the Children Act 1989. 023 8083 3336 830am 500pm Monday to Friday. Timescales defined by the legislation and guidance are included.

The child must be seen alone by a qualified social worker as soon as possible following a referral. 3 Responsibility Child protection responsibility Local authorities have statutory social services functions in respect of children under the Children Act 1989 and 2004. These types of mechanisms cut across different ways in which referrals are made including self-referral Child Helpline for example family referrals a mother taking a child to a health clinic when ill for example community-based referrals a community committee providing basic.

If this is not possible advice should be sought or concerns discussed with. 14 The child protection plan. Referral information 12 Referral route flowchart 13 Incident recording.

37 Recording that a Child is the Subject of a Child Protection Plan. RESPONDING TO A CHILD WELLBEING CONCERN OR CHILD PROTECTION REPORT FLOWCHART Mandatory reporter uses the NSW Online Mandatory Reporter Guide to determine whether or not the concern should be reported to the Child Protection Helpline for further assessment Non-CWU mandatory reporters may contact the Keep Them Safe Support Line for assistance such as in. Ensure culturally sensitive care is delivered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through o ering a referral to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander speci╦ć c services.

It details the path for a child from referral to achieving final orders in court for permanence. All referrers should have an opportunity to discuss their concerns with a qualified social worker. Action following a strategy discussion.

Flowchart setting out the process following a referral to Children and Family Community Services for a child protection conference. NHS Lothian Child Protection Referral Flowchart 2016pdf Author. 15 Guidelines for childcare workers.

Private health services should consult with their Child Safety Regional Intake Service. Flow Chart I Two Generic Child Protection Referral Flowchart Member of staff suspects a child is being or has been abused or is at risk of abuse Discuss with manager or appropriate senior colleagues if possibenecessary and Paediatrician on-call for Child Protection or local Child Protection Advisor. Practitioners involved with the child and family must decide on the timing of this meeting based on their assessment of the childs.

Child Protection Medical helpline. FILE IT AS CHILD SPECIFIC. Child care and protection flow chart.

Child Protection Liaison O cer or Child Protection Advisor. A safeguarding flowchart complements your organisations child protection and safeguarding policy as well as your other policies such as your safer recruitment policy and the staff discipline conduct and grievance policy. Social welfare system typically inclusive of social protection and child protection services.

NCC and NSCP Child Protection Referral Flow Chart Word Executive Summary Word Peer on Peer Abuse. Child protection conference convened within 10 days of strategy discussion. Call Derbyshire 08456 058058 ATTEND STRATEGY MEETING IF APPROPRIATE.

Guidance and Model Policy. See Quick Referral Flowchart. EXPECT TO BE INFORMED OF OUTCOME OF REFERRAL NFA child in need s47 enquiries joint police investi.

Child in Need and Child Protection. 1 Follow CP policy report to DSL immediately disclosure form voluntary or temporary staff 1. 023 8071 6629 urgent enquiries 830am 500pm Monday to Thursday.

35 Child Protection Enquiries Section 47 Children Act 1989. Where available the following information should be provided. Please note the flo
wchart should be printed on A3 to be readable.

This easy to follow flowchart shows a childs progress through the care system to permanence. In all assessment processes the safety of the child should always remain paramount and in all circumstances. Decision made by an agency with statutory child protection powers the police the local authority LA or NSPCC.

Response to disclosure flowchart How to make a referral. Referral Practitioner or member of the public has concerns about childs safety and welfare Practitioner discusses with manager andor other senior colleagues as they think appropriate Still has concerns No longer has concerns No further child protection action although may need to ensure services provided Feedback to referrer on next course of action No further. If the member of staff or volunteer does not agree with the decision by the Designated Safeguarding Lead not to make a referral to Childrens.

REFERRAL TO CHILDRENS SOCIAL CARE BY PHONE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. 38 Transfer In Child Protection Conferences. This is a sample referral flowchart.

830am 430pm Friday.

4 1 Flowchart 1 Action Taken When A Child Is Referred To Local Authority Children S Social Care Services Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership

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Child Protection Flowchart


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